Perpetual Night was born in Granada in 2012, after low and slow chats between Raúl Ríos (guitar) and César Ramírez (vocals) about how to portrait their taste and the way they see art through music.

In 2013 the first EP, “Voices of the Apocalypse” was released, self-produced on a low budget, but provided ackowledgment to the band on the local scene and positive feedback.

Some lineup changes after, Carlos Garrido (bass) joins the band and a new EP “Mastery of God” is realeased in 2016, with a more mature sound, leaving behind the symphonic Black Metal sound and embracing the Scandinavian Melodic Death Metal influences.

Two years later, in April 2018, the band takes a big leap forward and puts out the first LP, Anatman, recorded in Madrid at Sandmam Studios (Carlos Santos) and mastered in Sweden by Jens Bogren (Fascination Street Studios), setling the foundation of the Melodeath sound of the band going forward, using complex orchestation to create absorbing atmospheres, clean guitar arrangements, powerful riffs and dark melodies.

Rated by some Metal webzines as one of the best releases of 2018, the band managed to do a Spanish tour wich saw them play far and wide within the country. It was a big achievement to end in second position on the “Villa de Bilbao” contest, which granted the band a slot to play at Resurrection Fest 2019. Soon thereafter, Luis Rodríguez (drums) joins Perpetual Night. The band continued playing festivals, including the first show abroad at Milagre Metaleiro 2019 in Portugal and Gineta Rock 2019.

On January 24 2021, in the midst of the pandemic, the band took a big hit with the departure of César Ramírez, for personal reasons, but further delaying the preparation of the second album.

But instead of looking back, the rest of the band chose to look forward and take that as an opportunity, and in a few weeks time, Leo González (ex-Canker) on vocals and Javi Rodríguez (Sexton’s Orchids) on guitar joined the band, making it a five-piece from now on.

The new lineup is ready to finally release their second album “Aconitum” in 2022. The band’s been able to raise the bar again regarding composition, song arrangement, production and artwork. To their already personal dark and melancholic sound, the new songs bring a sharper edge and aggressive speed that will shake the guts and emotions of those who will listen to them.